About Us

Origin: Today’s market presence of this group has the origination year of 1995, when it commenced its commercial operations under the guidance of founder director and Promoter Mr. Raj K. Chaddha- who owes IT industry experience of more then 28 years. The first three crucial years of its existence, the group dedicated its activities exclusively to System consultancy and BPR activities.

Growth: The beginning of 1997 has seen adding of multiple areas of Information Technology in to its wings. Needless to say growth has been inevitable.

Human Capital: The biggest strength of our group has always been its people. This dedicated pool of resource includes Professionals in the field of Computer Science and Technology along with managerial proficiency. The organization attracts and retains the human capital by way of providing professional ambiance at work place, consistent growth opportunities, continuous training programs (in the field of technical as well as managerial) and its never-ending thirst to explore new possibilities in all the fields.

Our Mission: Provide quality-consulting services to our customers for their information Technology investments. Continues enhancement of Skills and knowledge of design and development tools through training (Internal / External) of our professionals